Our history

Our family has had a commitment and passion for grapes and hospitality for generations. We believe that good hospitality and good wine can only be done if you put your heart in it as well. This is what our parents, great-grandparents have taught us, and we will leave this legacy to future generations as well.

In1988 our parents laid the cornerstones of today’s Borbarátok restaurant on the ancient estate which was bought by our great-grandfather István Fata in 1927, when he moved to Badacsonytomaj. As a descendant of an Italian family, he inherited the respect for the land, grapes, and wine in his veins and spirit. The love for people and hospitality is also a legacy from our great-grandfather. Our winery still bears his name, paying tribute to his desire for action and guidance.

In 1989 we welcomed our first guests in a cozy restaurant that opened in the basement of today’s building. At that time our father took care of the wines, our mother took care of the kitchen, and Miklós, the eldest brother took care of the catering. Later, the two younger brothers were also sucked into the family tradition, and over time they took over the business.

Over time, the restaurant moved up one level and we set up the pension on the upper level. In 2021 we opened a wellness area at the place of the old restaurant thus supporting the promotion of the four-season Lake Balaton.